You can now reserve one of our ten (10) beds at the Synergy Executive Private Rehab Center for Men. Call or email us today to get more information and be placed on our list.

Architect Rendering

Private Rehabilitation For Men


A Safe & Private Place For You

Synergy Executive provides men with a safe and private, inpatient, addiction rehab program. Healing and privacy are of the utmost importance.

Your Journey To Recovery

Synergy Executive combines traditional recovery with treatment for health, nutrition, body, and mind individualized for your specific need.

Discover Your Best Self

Synergy Executive is a rehabilitation recovery center in the heart of the Ozarks. Specifically created for men who seek recovery in an environment that is private, safe, and caters to the nuances of how men respond and engage in the treatment process. Synergy Executive brings together skilled practitioners, a beautiful home in a scenic landscape, and invigorating experiences and activities to bring about long-term sustainable recovery.

A Treatment Modalities & Approaches

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Family Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Grief & Loss Therapy

Trauma Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Anger Management

Trauma Recovery

Therapeutic process directed at exploring the interrelationship between substance use and trauma and the impact of the trauma on an individual’s life and recovery.

Healthy Relationships

This class is designed to help clients learn and apply tools for establishing and nurturing interpersonal relationships that support positive growth — as individuals as well as with partners, family, peers, etc.

Anger Management

Identifies the primary emotions affiliated with anger and provides assistance with the development of healthy outlets and coping skills.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery meetings are an alternative support to traditional AA and NA meetings. SMART Recovery’s roots are based on a scientific foundation rather than a spiritual one. SMART recovery teaches increased reliance as opposed to powerlessness.

Helping You Achieve Success

Physical Activities & Excercise

While the great outdoors will provide a beautiful backdrop and serenity to your recovery, physical exertion is important to your treatment. Part of Synergy Executive’s process is presenting activities that will provide exercise, adventure, and exhilaration to aid in your recovery and wellbeing.

Guided Meditation
Salt Therapy

Next Step To Recovery

Reserve Today

You have taken the first step.  You are here looking for help and guidance either for yourself or someone you care about.  The admission process is simple and confidential.  A friendly and caring professional is waiting for your call.
Whether you are ready to start the admissions process or need more information we are here to help.  Synergy Executive will be here for you every step of the way.  You are not alone and it starts with contacting us with either an email or confidential call.

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Home Amenities

Here are a few features of the private property that you will be staying.

Gorgeous Modern Home

This large contemporary home with natural undertones, provides a luxury setting for your recovery.

Private Bedroom & Bathroom

You will have your own private bedroom and bathroom during your stay.

On 37 Acres

This is a beautiful secluded spot in the Ozarks. You will be able to relax and focus on your recovery.

Gourmet Kitchen

A beautiful kitchen perfect for gathering in and large windows to frame the beauty of the landscape.


The custom installed waterfall provides a backdrop for reflection and peace.

One-Hole Golf Course

Play outdoors on the one-hole course that is complete with a sand trap and water.

Barn & Horse Stable

This historic, yet remodeled barn is a large area for gathering and features basketball and pickleball courts.

Salt Therapy Room

Our specialized salt therapy provides for a natural therapy of dry salt particles that can aid in recovery and general wellbeing.

TRX Gym, Boxing, Pool, more...

Physical activity is an important part of men’s wellbeing and we provide a variety of facilities and activities for men to enjoy and aid in their recovery.

And More...

This home is large enough for private moments as well as gathering and interacting with others. More information & photos to come as we get closer to completion.


You will have an expert team of professionals with you every step of the way. We will ensure a smooth transition into our treatment home to begin your new journey in recovery.

At Synergy Executive, we understand substance use can quickly spiral out of control and often affects the entire family. Residential treatment allows you to slow down and take the time to focus on getting well without outside distractions.

We will help make the transition into treatment as easy as possible. The admission process is simple. When you call, you will speak with our intake coordinator who can guide you through the intake screening and answer any questions you may have.


Photos from property and surrounding landscape. More photos of the actual home as construction advances.


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